Amherst East Rotarian and Past President Paul McAfee is teaching a college course on Business Leadership in Hanoi, Vietnam.  He is teaching at the International School of Vietnam National University (IS-VNU) until mid-May, 2012.  Follow Paul's adventure at his blog:

Paul's students are all Vietnamese, and most are second year college students.  They are enrolled in a BA degree program in Business Administration at IS-VNU through the support of Keuka College, in Penn Yan, New York.

Paul's Business Leadership students will do a major project in support of the Hoa Binh Centre in Hanoi. This center houses an orphanage for children affected by Agent Orange, which they often refer to by its primary toxin name, dioxin, and colloquially, as the Orange Bomb.

Paul has three classes of 27-30 students each. Each class is divided into thirds for this project, with a team each for cleaning at the orphanage, teaching and playing with the children, and raising funds for food for the children. The daily budget for these children for food is 9,000 VND, which is less than $0.50, and even at Vietnam prices, this is meager. One team in each of Paul's classes will raise funds to help with the cost of food, while the other two teams in each class will try to raise the morale and self-esteem of the children by cleaning, playing with, and teaching them. Paul and his students start this project on Monday, April 9, and continue until the end of Paul's teaching program, which is Thursday, May 10. Paul expects that many of his students will continue supporting the orphanage after the program ends.